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      Laundry Detergents from Kmart Work Quickly to Remove Stains

      Whether it's a coffee stain or grass stains on your child's pants, remove them quickly and effortlessly with laundry detergents from Kmart. Kmart offers hundreds of detergents from Tide, XTRA and Gain with and without dye and perfumes. Find detergent designed for high-energy machines such as Wisk Ultra and Tide Pure Essentials laundry detergent. Get the same stain-fighting action in the cold cycle with Tide Coldwater detergents, and smell the clean, fresh scent of Gain original scent laundry detergent.

      Make laundry day even easier with high-quality name brand washer and dryers from Kenmore, Whirlpool and General Electric. Find ENERGY STAR compliant front-load washers such as the Whirlpool 3.8-cubic foot steam washing machine. Standard top-load washers are also available such as the Kenmore 3.4-cubic foot washing machine with its powder-coated finish and porcelain wastebasket. Once out of the washer, dry your clothes in a Maytag gas or electric dryer. Load even more clothes into a 7.4-cubic foot Kenmore Elite electric steam dryer.

      While the clothes spin in the dryer, clean the kitchen and bathroom with all purpose cleaners from Lysol, Clorox and Mr. Clean. Remove ring stains from the bathtub and toilet with Comet soft cleanser, and give the bathroom a fresh, clean scent with Pine-Sol all purpose cleaner with its lavender fragrance. Wipe down kitchen tile and laminate counters with Formula 409 all purpose cleaner, and choose from eco-friendly cleaners such as Clorox Green Works and a 25-count of Caldrea surface wipes.

      Sweep and mop the floor with Libman, Smart Sense and Scotch Brite brooms and mops. Use the Libman 24-inch multi-surface push broom for sweeping large interior floors or outdoor patios. The smaller Libman Precision Angle broom lasts longer than ordinary brooms with its polymer fibers and steel handle. Scrub caked-on grease from pots and pans with the Smart Sense handled scrubber, and sweep up dust and debris with the Smart Sense dustpan and brush set. Remove shoes scuffs and other marks from tile and linoleum floors with the Libman Floor Scrub; its 360-degree swivel adjusts around corners, and its long fibers make scrubbing much easier.

      Whether it's laundry day or time for spring cleaning, find laundry detergents and cleaning supplies that help you clean your home. Shop Kmart for more affordable cleaning supplies and appliances online or at the store.

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