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      Satisfy your sweet tooth with gum and candy from Kmart

      Sometimes life is sweet. Like finally getting home after a long day, lying down on the couch and taking a slow, mouth-watering bite out of a Hershey's chocolate bar. Or seeing the look on your trick-or-treaters' faces when you hand them each a snack-size bag of M&M's. You know you shouldn't eat too much candy... but that's what makes it so good when you finally do get a chance to indulge. After all, life is also short. Much too short to be good all the time. That's why every now and then you owe it to yourself to sit back and relax with your favorite treat.

      When it comes to favorite treats, one snack that frequently tops the list is candy bars. Whether you're a Nestle Crunch or Snickers kind of person, you know there's something just right about the size of a candy bar. It's big enough to be satisfying, but small enough not to make you feel too guilty. Not everyone agrees, of course; some people prefer the one-bite snack-size treats. If that sounds more like you, stock up on a big bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups the next time you buy bulk foods.

      There's more to snacks than just chocolate, of course. Gummy treats, like Twizzlers, are some of the most popular types of candy around. You can't go wrong with their old-fashioned black licorice bits or their classic red cherry twists. Smart Sense also offers a variety of this type of candy, including fruit slices, lemon drops and more. Get them for yourself or for someone else; candy makes a great addition to your holiday gift sets.

      No discussion of sweets would be complete without the topic of chewing gum. Wrigley's is always a good choice, offering classics like Big Red and JuicyFruit as well as new choices like sugarfree RPM. Trident and Orbit are two more longtime favorites, with many pocket-size packs available. Whatever you do, just don't stick it under the table when you're done; too much old gum in the house and you might find yourself looking for pest control solutions.

      Even the strictest dieters and healthiest health nuts should reward themselves with a treat once in a while. Whether you're stocking up for Halloween or just having an impromptu dessert, check out our selection of gum and candy here at Kmart. We stock chocolate, candy bars and more to help you make the most out of your indulgences. They're sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

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