Oxi Clean Automatic Dishwasher Detergent


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      Get sparkling dishes with automatic dishwasher detergent

      A dishwasher is supposed to simplify your life. It helps make your kitchen clean up easier and less daunting. But pre-rinsing, towel-drying and re-shining your dishes and glassware can add that tedium right back into your life. With a high-quality automatic dishwasher detergent, you'll always have sparkling clean dishes, whether you pre-rinse them or not.

      You don't need to waste precious time washing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. When you use a powerful detergent designed for automatic dishwashers, you can put dirty dishes straight into the washer, run it and put your sparkling clean dishes away after one cycle. You can also avoid the water spots and stains from hard water with the right detergent. Brands like Cascade and Finish will make sure that your dishes are clean and dry without any excess residue. Glasses will shine and you'll be impressed with the results on everything from flatware to pots and pans.

      When you choose dishwashing detergents, you have many options to consider. You'll find gels, powders and even tablets for your dishwasher. There are pros and cons to each of the detergent types, so understanding the different options can help you make the right decision. A liquid dishwashing detergent can help get your glasses and other dishware clean without leaving a residue, because it dissolves so easily, but the detergent can also stick inside your dishwasher, disturbing the washing process.

      A powder detergent is going to be the least expensive, most effective and safest dishwashing soap. Because of its inability to dissolve quickly, though, it can also leave a powdery residue on your dishes. A tablet is the most expensive dishwasher solution, but it's also the most convenient. With the power of a powder detergent and the convenience of a quick deposit tablet, the cost can be worth the benefits.

      When you're shopping for the best selection of dishwashing detergents, look to Kmart, where you can always get more for less. You'll have the cleanest dishes from the brands you love, like Electrasol and Dishwasher Magic. Don't let dirty dishes ruin your night. Clean them fast in your dishwasher with automatic dishwasher detergent. Whether you prefer liquids, powders or tables, you can find a brand and formula that's right for your household.

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