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      Add delicious nutrition to each meal with dairy products from Kmart

      It's no secret why dairy is one of our favorite foods. Milk, cheese and eggs are savory choices that have important nutritional benefits. What's more, these foods are easy to add to our meals. Upgrade your toast with butter, your sandwich with sliced cheese and your baked potato with sour cream. You can find dairy products with a range of fat content, from deliciously rich butter to low-fat chocolate milk. Dairy is naturally high in calcium to help you build strong bones, so you can feel good about whatever choice you make.

      Milk is a classic dairy food that's high in protein. A glass of cold milk goes great with a meal or with dessert like crunchy chocolate chip cookies or Oreos. Because milk is high in quality protein, it makes a natural choice to complement carb-heavy breakfasts like bagels, cereal and muffins. To change things up, try switching in yogurt once in a while. Yogurt is one of those natural foods that can actually be as delicious as it is good for you. It's full of digestion-boosting probiotics.

      Cheese just might be one of the world's favorite foods. It's not hard to see why. Sliced cheese with some good deli meat makes a great sandwich, shredded cheese is a must for tacos and grated cheese makes any salad or pasta taste better. There are so many flavors to choose from, too. Parmesan and Romano go great with pasta, while cheddar complements eggs well. Mozzarella is a great choice for making your own homemade pizza.

      Not everyone realizes it, but eggs are also a dairy product. This adaptable food is more than just a breakfast staple. The great thing about eggs is that you can cook them in many different ways. Cheese and veggie omelets are a delicious weekend breakfast that can be made-to-order for everyone in the house. When time is short, grab a hard-boiled egg to go; you can hard boil as many eggs as you want in advance and eat them as needed. You can even add a fried egg to a burger for a gourmet take on the classic hamburger.

      From low-fat cottage cheese that's ideal for dieters to savory sour cream that's perfect for tacos and potatoes, you're sure to find a dairy product you love. Creamers from Coffee-Mate can even help make your morning cup of coffee more enjoyable. Here at Kmart you can find a wide variety of dairy products, so shop here to stock your fridge with delicious milk, butter, cheese and more.

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