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      Scooters provide a fun and healthy way to get around

      Scooters are a popular outdoor play item for children as well as a practical way to get around cities for those who prefer not to drive a car. Whether for fun or function, the right scooter can make the difference, not only in performance, but also in safety. That is why Kmart offers a range of scooters to meet your needs. From foot powered scooters to motor powered models, we've got the best selection with the perfect scooter for you.

      The most basic type of scooter is the foot-powered version. Foot powered scooters are motorless, the movement comes when the scooter is propelled forward with one of the rider's feet. The other foot rests on the scooter's footrest. This category can also include pedal-powered scooters. These are different from bikes because they are low to the ground, and the pedaling motion propels the large front wheel, while two small back wheels keep the scooter in place, without propelling it.

      Foot-powered scooters are available in two- and three-wheeled models. Three-wheeled models provide more stability, making them ideal for beginning riders or those who struggle with balance. Two-wheeled scooters have slightly greater maneuverability, which makes them popular with older kids and teens. We've got the brands you can trust and the quality you're looking for in a traditional foot-powered scooter.

      Some scooters are motor powered and can be either electric or gas-powered. Electric powered scooters are slightly more affordable and have lower top speeds. These are limited in range by the battery life, which makes them ideal for kids and teens who want to scoot around the neighborhood. Some even have a seat for additional comfort while riding.

      Gas powered scooters have higher tops speeds than their electric counterparts. These include traditional-styled scooters and pocket bikes, which resemble small motorcycles. Because they are gas powered, these have a much larger speed range than similar electric models. Students often use these to get around a large college campus without the constraints and expenses of a car.

      When riding scooters, safety should always be a primary consideration, which is best achieved by choosing scooters that fit the child or adult's height and weight. Also, safety accessories like helmets and kneepads are vital. Kmart offers all of the safety products necessary to use scooters safely. Stop by your local Kmart today to find the scooter and accessories that fit your needs, or shop online and have your products shipped to your home.