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      Scuba & Swimming

      Enjoy the view from underwater with scuba and swimming equipment

      Summertime is a favorite season for many of us and splashing around in the water is the best way to kick back and cool off. Whether you have your own backyard swimming pool or your family is planning a tropical vacation, Kmart has all the scuba and swimming essentials you need to make poolside playtime more fun for the whole family.

      Scuba gear isn't just for professional divers. When you're in the pool, fins or flippers help you float near the surface, so you can easily paddle around looking for sunken pool toys or diving sticks. Little swimmers can amp up the imaginative play by pretending to be deep sea divers navigating a beautiful coral reef. If you're swimming in a large body of water like a lap pool, lake or ocean, long-blade fins help you swim quickly with proper body position. These fins promote using your ankles correctly so you can make long strides in the water. Kmart carries stylish floating fins for kids, making them easy to use for fun or swimming practice.

      There are a few must-have scuba and swimming accessories for underwater play. Masks and goggles allow you to keep your eyes open in the water, so you're not trying to blindly collect diving toys. If you just want to protect your eyes, performance goggles adjust to fit multiple face shapes without  leaking. If you frequently get water up your nose, a mask suctions to your face to cover both eyes and nose. Routine treks to the pool can make it hard to keep track of all of your belongings. If you go through multiple pairs of goggles per summer, Kmart carries quality goggles in three-packs at unbelievably low prices.

      Once you've filled your beach bag with the scuba and swim equipment necessary for impromptu trips to your local pool, focus on adding more fun to your personal poolside paradise. Adding a volleyball net or basketball hoop to your backyard pool will keep swimmers entertained for hours on end. Create your very own water wonderland with sporty pool games that are enjoyable for people of all ages.

      From fins and snorkels to pool toys and games, Kmart has scuba and swimming accessories for families on a budget. Whether you prefer swimming in the solitude of your own backyard or adventurous weekend trips to the beach, stock up on scuba gear and swimming essentials for a sun-splashed good time.