Vibration Machines

Shake things up in your workout. By vibrating many times per second, these vibration machines force your muscles to contract rapidly and have a list of potential benefits including improved fat loss, muscle building, bone density, stress relief and circulation. You can use them alone or along with dumbbells, making them an effective addition to your arm, shoulder or core training routine. The vibration workout equipment here at Kmart comes from trusted brands like ProForm, Sunny Health and Fitness and Bladez. You can find models with LCD displays, adjustable frequencies and even a body fat scanner.

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Engage more muscles by adding vibration machines to your workout

Vibration machines are a unique way of engaging your muscles when you work out. By vibrating 20 to 50 times per second, they force your muscles to make many tiny contractions that can make any body weight or dumbbell exercise more intense, effective and fun. Turn boring bicep curls and air squats into far more challenging exercises that train not only your large muscles, but also all the smaller stabilizer muscles that work to keep you steady while you train.

When looking at body vibration machines, the most important things to look at first are the basics. Different machines have a different weight capacity, which may be a vital consideration depending on your weight. If you're a lightweight person this may not matter, but once you start getting close to 250 pounds you may want to make sure that your new vibration machine can accommodate you. Some models can hold up to 350 pounds. After weight capacity, take a look at the motor; a more powerful motor will vibrate at a higher frequency, giving you a more effective vibration experience in less time. Using a high-frequency vibration machine could make you sore, so consider getting one of our inversion tables to relax afterward.

It's also helpful to think about what you will use your vibration machine for. You can do basic body weight exercises, such as air squats, on just about any vibration machine. Keep in mind, however, that some models include handles for support. If you've ever used one of the various treadmills with handles running along the sides, you know it's nice to have something to grab onto if you start to feel a little wobbly.

Some vibration machines even have a small rack to hold a pair of dumbbells. This can be really convenient if you plan on doing upper-body exercises like bicep curls, shoulder presses or arm raises. While you don't need this rack to use dumbbells on your vibration machine, it does make it easy to access your weights without having to get on and off the machine. Another option to increase your resistance might be to use a weight vest, ankle weights or wrist weights.

It's hard to find the time to exercise, which is why you want to make sure that every minute you spend working out is giving you the best results possible. By adding a vibration machine into your routine, you can stimulate more muscles and increase the already impressive list of benefits you get from regular exercise. Check out our selection here at Kmart, where we stock a variety of durable body vibration machines at attractive prices.


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