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Build muscle like never before with weight bars from Kmart

The health benefits of lifting weights are long and impressive. It helps to build functional strength, giving you the freedom to pick up heavy boxes, move furniture and even unscrew stubborn pickle jars. It improves your appearance by giving your body a more athletic shape. It can even help improve the health of your bones. Many experts consider lifting with free weights and weight bars to be superior to weight-lifting machines because using free weights forces you to keep the weight steady; this recruits not just your large muscles but also the tiny stabilizer muscles around them.

One of the great things about these bars is that you can customize them with any amount of weight you want. Load up a barbell for a set of bench press, increase the weight for squats then decrease it for bicep curls. This adaptability makes a set of free weights a versatile addition to your home gym equipment. Just make sure to get the proper collars to keep the weight attached to your bars.

The weight bars you get will depend on the exercises you want to do. Barbells can accommodate a lot of weight for performing back squats, front squats, deadlifts and barbell rows. Add a weight bench and you'll be able to strengthen your chest with bench presses. A pair of dumbbell handles will allow you to perform many of the same exercises while isolating each arm; by forcing each arm to lift its own weight individually, you can help prevent muscle imbalances.

Some exercises require the use of a more specialized weight bar. A curl bar is similar to a barbell, but it has two curls that make it easy to hold with two arms. Curl bars are often used for bicep curls, preacher curls, upright rows and nosebreakers. Shrug bars allow you to perform shrugs, deadlifts, lunges and more with less strain on your back than a traditional barbell. To really work your back, one of the best pieces of equipment out there is a chin-up bar; some models fit right in a doorway, allowing you to do pull-ups and chin-ups anywhere. Keep in mind that all these different weight bars can take up a significant amount of room, so consider using a weight rack if space is a concern.

Free weights are an essential piece of any home gym. Start off with a barbell, dumbbell handles, a set of weight plates and collars. You can always add more weight later, as you get stronger. Here at Kmart you can find all the weight bars you need, from barbells to tricep bars, to sculpt a stronger, more attractive physique.


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