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Strength train more effectively with weight training aids from Kmart

Setting up a home gym is a great way to increase the chances that you'll follow through on your workouts by eliminating the time-consuming drive to the gym, the monthly fees and the crowds that come with a commercial gym membership. All you really need to get started is the basics, like a squat cage, a weight bench, a barbell and some weights. In order to really get the most out of your workouts, though, you'll need a few accessories to ensure you can perform all the most effective exercises.

If you have a home gym or weight bench that contains a weight stack attached to a pulley, you'll need several different handles to perform all the possible exercises. A lat bar allows you to do lat pulldowns with either a wide or narrow grip to work your back and biceps. To hit your triceps, take a look at a tricep rope or tricep press down bar; this attachment isolates the backs of your arms by performing tricep press downs. Single-grip handles open up the possibility of working each arm separately, while a straight bar is a more general-purpose attachment you can use for a variety of exercises.

One weight training aid that can help improve the explosiveness in your legs is a plyometric box. These boxes come in different heights, from 12 to 42 inches tall, depending on your fitness level. By leaping from the ground up onto the box, you develop the fast-twitch muscles in your thighs, hamstrings and glutes. For an even greater challenge, you can perform box jumps while wearing ankle weights or holding a medicine ball. This training device is well-suited for basketball players, high jumpers and long jumpers.

Find more specialized weight-training equipment, such as heavy ropes for rope training, weight belts to protect your back and lifting straps to help hold heavy barbells when deadlifting. You'll also notice several pieces of cardio equipment, such as jump ropes and the Total Gym Gazelle Exercise System, to help shed body fat; these will work in combination with your core training to help you achieve those highly desirable six-pack abs.

Whether you're just getting started creating your home gym, or putting the finishing touches on it, you'll find a range of weight training aids that are both convenient and effective. If your goal is to build muscle, lose fat and sculpt a leaner, sexier physique, these accessories will help you get there. For a great variety of strength training aids, check out our selection here at Kmart.


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