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      Outdoor Games

      Kmart has outdoor games for all ages and yard sizes

      Being outdoors means you have endless opportunities for fun, whether you're in your own back yard, at a park or at the beach. A giant trampoline can be the perfect way to keep your children active and healthy after school, and a game of bocce ball is a great way to bring family and friends together to enjoy each other's company. At Kmart, we have a huge selection of outdoor games for both children and adults that will fit any sized yard and any budget. Looking for something to keep people going at your neighborhood block party? We have easy, classic games everyone loves, such as bean bag toss. Looking for something to keep your kids busy? Let them pick out a Nerf ball or flying disc they can play with in the yard with their friends. So regardless of what kind of outdoor toys or games you're looking for, or what kind of budget you're on, Kmart has the variety and selection that will help you find what you need.

      At Kmart, we carry tons of your favorite classic backyard games that everyone knows and loves to play. Bean bag toss, which is also known as corn toss, is a game that people have been playing at picnics, tailgates and parties for years. We have a wide selection of brands, colors and styles. Whether you're looking for corn toss you can play in the pool, or something that you can easily store and travel with, Kmart has it all. Horseshoes is another simple game everyone will love to play. Simply put the stake in the ground and start throwing the horseshoes. Croquet, bocce ball, shuffle ball and ladder golf are also sure to keep the party going, especially because they're games both children and adults can have fun playing.

      If you're looking for games and activities that will get people up out of their seats, we have tons of more active games, such as volleyball or badminton. Test your skills and get some sun with a game of beach volleyball while you're on vacation this year. Or set up a badminton net in your yard, grab some birdies and start swinging away. We also have games such as catch mitt, a throw-and-catch game with Velcro so you can catch the ball easier. We also carry a variety of tetherball sets, as well as yard darts, pong party and more.

      We also have outdoor games and toys made for kids, which are great for keeping them entertained while adults at the party play yard games small children might not enjoy. Toddlers and preschool-aged kids love to show off their skills riding their Big Wheels tricycle in the yard. Children a few years older might love flying a colorful or character kite they chose themselves, or maybe they'd rather play with blasters that shoot water on a hot day. So no matter what kind of outdoor games or toys you're looking for, Kmart has it all.