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Optics & Binoculars

Get a better view with binoculars, telescopes and other optical equipment

If you've ever prepared for a fishing vacation or weekend hunting trip, having a checklist of items to pack is a great way to stay organized, so you don't inadvertently leave something behind. Even if you bring everything on your list, once you've arrived at your destination you may find yourself wishing you'd brought a rifle-mounted scope or a pair of binoculars. For the hunter or fisherman, long-range sight is crucial, and the right optical equipment will give you a quick-and-easy way to tell if game is within sight or if fish are jumping nearby.

Try as you might, the ideal hunting conditions probably aren't going to come about, such as a deer or turkey in a wide-open space without hindrances to your sight. If you're used to hunting without a rifle scope, trying one out will make you realize what a great advantage it provides. You can take the time to establish a sturdy treestand or erect your camo hunting blinds with a good vantage point in a prime location, but if your view is compromised by having to rely solely on the naked eye, you'll still be at a disadvantage. A scope provides precision that iron sights can't match, making it much easier for you to hone in on a target. Having an excellent rifle scope that meets your personal preferences can make the difference between a great shot and a missed opportunity.

Whether on land or water, binoculars are a great asset to have. They can provide some great views of the vicinity to know where to base yourself in a stream or on a lake. Binoculars may not seem like an obvious part of your usual fly fishing gear, but they can give you a magnified view of what the fish are feeding on and where. Once you've got a prime location spotted, you can aim your flies in that direction and have a greater chance at getting a bite, all thanks to your handy, pocket-size binoculars.

Having some dependable optics like a good pair of binoculars that are lightweight and compact will serve you well. A bulky set will be difficult to use, and take up too much room among the rest of your hunting gear or boating equipment when on a trip. Don't forget that binoculars will also let you appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors around you. Let Kmart help you hone in on your surroundings without breaking the bank.