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Pack the right fishing equipment for a relaxing afternoon on the riverbank

Pack up your rods and reels and hit the road for a weekend fishing trip with your buddies. Fill your tackle box with line and lures and challenge the guys to see who can reel in the biggest catch first, or take the pontoon boat out and use your fish finder before anchoring at the perfect spot for bass and bluegill alike.

Get away from the city lights and set up camp beside the water. The best times for biting are at dawn and dusk, so rise with the sun and get started early. You can build your own pole with a single rod and attached reel, or you can shop rod and reel combos for a fishing pole that's already assembled. Buying the parts separately allows you to build a customized pole, but this can also be a bit more expensive. There are numerous kinds of rods that are specially made for baitcasting, spincasting, spinning, surfcasting and trolling. Depending on the type and weight of fish you plan to catch, choose a rod with the appropriate handling power ranging from light to ultra-heavy control.

You'll also need to tote all your supplies along, so be sure to prepare a well-stocked tackle box. Softsided tackle boxes look like a traditional gym bag on the exterior, but they're equipped with appropriate compartments and zipped storage for everything from lead weights to specialty lures. Hardsided tackle boxes have the same custom storage but can withstand heavier use with waterproof plastic casing. Whether you decide to go with a tackle box or tackle bag comes down to personal preference.

Whether you're fly fishing, ice fishing, or fishing in solitude on a lakeside dock, don't forget to pack outdoor apparel that'll have you looking and feeling the part. Plan to spend a lot of hours by the water, so fill a tin canteen with cold water to stay hydrated, or pack the cooler with your favorite beverages and pass the time with your friends.

Fishing trips are the perfect way to relax and enjoy peace and quiet on the water. Shop at Kmart to stock up on the fishing equipment you need at affordable prices and get ready to reel in the perfect catch.