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      Camping & Hiking

      Save on select airbeds, inflatables, and tables!

      Save on select airbeds, inflatables, and tables! Sold by Kmart.

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      Stock up on camping gear for an unforgettable camping and hiking excursion

      On this year's annual family camping trip, move from amateur to expert by creating a 5 star campsite. No one likes snoozing on hard, uneven ground, or eating the same freeze-dried foods for days at a time. Make sleeping in the wilderness a more enjoyable experience for everyone with camping gear that will solve basic dilemmas about how to get a good night's rest and where to freshen up.

      If you're the rugged outdoorsy type and you and your sweetheart are planning a cozy weekend outdoors, opt for a smaller tent that can hold one to two people, and your camp bedding. If it's a family affair, a tent that can accommodate more than six people is more appropriate. Choose a tent that looks like a cottage or lodge with room to stand up for optimum comfort. Some larger tents are divided up into sections, giving everyone more options for mobility and privacy.

      Bring your favorite board games for some evening entertainment in your tent's screened porch, or set up a pop-up canopy next to your tent where you can store everything you'll need for a fire-cooked meal on your folding table and chairs. Keep your food chilled and fresh in a cooler, and set up a portable stovetop or outdoor camp oven if you want more options than just what can be cooked on top of your campfire. Lanterns can line the tabletop for extra light at night, and be sure to bring flashlights for ghost stories before bedtime and to help safely find your way back to the tent when you're ready for bed.

      Restful sleep in the evenings means more energy in the morning for a hiking excursion through the sandy dunes or fishing by the lakeside. Bring a cold weather sleeping bag to keep warm on chilly nights, or a warm weather sleeping bag that's ventilated for summer weekends. If you're not a fan of sleeping on the hard ground, sleeping pads or cots are a great alternative. They set up and break down easily and you can place your sleeping bag right on top. You can also ditch the sleeping bag altogether and bring an air mattress if there's room in your tent. Bring your own sheets and your favorite blanket to make it feel like you're sleeping in your bedroom at home.

      Camp with class by stocking up on camping gear and essentials that'll make your entire trip easier. From spacious tents to hydration packs all the way to shower and toilet accessories, Kmart carries the best camping gear at affordable prices.