Hydration Packs

      When you're exerting yourself for hours on end, one of the most important factors to your health is staying hydrated. For many hikers, bikers, runners and walkers, stopping to take a drink of water is difficult to remember when you're moving quickly and don't have a cooler handy. Make hydration easy on the go with a hydration pack from Kmart. Lined with a sturdy reservoir, these hiking hydration packs can hold several liters of water to keep you feeling healthy throughout the day and can even fit inside a backpacking pack for a longer trip.

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      Hydration packs keep water flowing on the trail

      In any form of physical activity, staying hydrated is a key to performing at your peak. Whether you're lacing up your women's hiking boots for a hike or hitting the paths for a trail run, you'll want to ensure you're carrying enough water to get you through your excursion. Forget about clunky water bottles that need to be opened and closed at every stop; a hydration pack allows you to be constantly sipping water without needing to take breaks.

      Typically, hydration packs hold between one and three liters of water within a heavy-duty reservoir that fits inside the pack. A plastic hose with silicon bit valve funnels water into your mouth through natural pressure, which means you don't need an on/off switch or lid for your water supply. Zippered pockets allow you to stash keys, a hiking GPS and other essentials, while breathable shoulder and chest straps allow you to wear the hydration pack close to your body.

      Don't wait for a dry throat or fatigued symptoms to find out you're you're dehydrated. Instead, be ready for your next outdoor activity with an easy-to-wear hydration pack that keeps you drinking enough and moving easily from start to finish.

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