Flashlights & Headlamps


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      Flashlights help you find your path

      Whether you're spelunking with a group of friends or just exploring underneath the hood of a car, it's always a good idea to have a flashlight within easy reach. Like a camping lantern, a flashlight can be easily transported from place to place, but it's also light and compact enough to be carried in your hiking pack. Most flashlights are powered by long-lasting LED bulbs and batteries, so you'll have plenty of light to get where you're going. Some even include rechargeable batteries to cut costs and reduce waste.

      If you're planning to cook dinner or do other activities that require your hands, consider a headlamp for easy range of movement in the dark. Though a headlamp's beam isn't as powerful as a flashlight's, headlamps are lightweight and easy to slip into an outer pocket of your day pack. At Kmart, you'll also find high-beam hunting lights and work lights that can illuminate small components under the hood of a car.

      With a long-lasting flashlight or headlamp, you won't get caught in the dark the next time the power goes out or you're hiking after sunset. Shop our collection of handheld and hands-free lights so that you're always prepared for the unexpected.

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