Coolers & Beverage Holders

      Unless you're planning to catch all of your food, chances are good that you're going to want to bring fresh fare on your next camping trip. Keep all of your mealtime essentials cool on the way to the campsite with a family-sized cooler from Kmart. These food and beverage holders come equipped with resilient molded plastic and a thick layer of insulation in both the body and lid, so your items stay fresh for hours or even days without refrigeration. Whether you're grilling meat with the help of a fire starter or transporting beer to a tailgate, you'll love these high-quality coolers.

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      Chill your food and beverages with coolers

      With all the latest options in camping gear, you can eat fresh meals even in the wild. Grab a cooler before your next adventure to keep your perishables intact until you're ready to prepare them. Kmart's selection of food and beverage holders ranges from hand-held coolers for just the essentials to wheeled coolers capable of carrying a weekend's worth of provisions. Just toss ice or ice packs into the cooler with your food and beverages, and you'll have a selection of fresh items available at the campsite for cooking and serving on your camping dishes.

      Whether you're tailgating, barbecuing or simply relaxing around the campfire in a hammock, you'll appreciate the innovative features of Kmart's coolers, including molded cup holders to prevent spills and lids that transform into seats. Some coolers can even keep food cold for up to five days in temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If you'll be lugging your cooler over rough terrain, look for a model with rugged wheels and an easy-to-grab side handle for pulling.

      No need to deprive yourself when you're out in the wild; a cooler allows you to eat delicious meals no matter your surroundings.

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