Camping Dishes & Utensils

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      Eat well in the wild with camping dishes

      Hot dogs and marshmallows are great for a backyard campout, but you wouldn't want to eat them every night. If you're planning a big camping or fishing trip, you want to ensure that you can have hearty meals cooked over the camp stove. Fortunately Kmart has all your outdoor cooking needs covered with camping dishes and cookware that are both lightweight and durable. Choose between economical and durable stainless steel, lightweight aluminum, or ultra-lightweight titanium pieces for both cooking and eating at the camping table.

      Cooking over a campfire or stove can be done with ease when you have the proper instruments, such as a percolator or tea kettle for warm beverages, a griddle for making breakfast, a frying pan for the catch of the day or a soup pot for chuck wagon chili. Of course, you'll also need packable plates, cups, bowls and eating utensils for digging in to your meals in a civilized manner. Just don't forget the most essential item to serving hot food: a fire starter or lighter for starting up the stove.

      Don't settle for a less-than-hearty meal when you're on the trail; with camping utensils and dishes, eating in the wild can be a gourmet experience.

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