Camping Air Mattresses

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      Camping air mattresses make the outdoors cozy

      Sleeping on the ground is great when you're a kid at summer camp, but when you go camping now, you probably want a little more comfort and support than a bedroll on the dirt. Prepare for your next hiking trip with a camping air mattress that will cradle you in comfort while you're adventuring far from home. Kmart's camping air beds can be purchased separately or as part of a camping bundle that will equip your family with everything from a tent to a camping table and chairs in one easy purchase.

      Inflating your air mattress is a cinch with an auto-inflating motor. Of course, if you'll be camping at a rustic site without electricity, you'll want to choose a model with a manual air valve. Some air beds even feature a built-in pillow, so you'll have one less item to pack into a full vehicle. Just be sure to bring a camping lantern for setting up your site during late-night arrivals to the campground.

      Next time the kids are clamoring for a family camping trip, you'll have no excuse for not making memories: Just grab a camping air mattress and a tent, and head into the wild for a cozy commune with Mother Nature.

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