Backpacking Packs

      When you're deep in the woods or on a lake, the last thing you want is to suddenly remember a crucial item that you left at home. Ensure that you're carrying everything you need for a successful outdoor adventure with a high-quality backpacking pack from Kmart. Constructed with lightweight frames that offer a superior center of gravity, these packs feature plenty of pockets for backpacking accessories such as thermoses, flashlights and first aid kits. Whether you need a multi-day pack with lots of volume or an overnight pack for just the essentials, you can find just the right option.

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      Carry your outdoor essentials in a backpacking pack

      When it comes to carrying all your gear on your back, it's important to find a fit that's comfortable. Regular daypacks and book bags don't offer the kind of support your back and shoulders need for a heavy load. A lightweight frame made from materials such as aluminum allows you to carry a heavier load inside your pack, while thick waist belts disperse the weight throughout your shoulders and hips. Not only are backpacking packs specially made for comfort, but their intuitive design makes it easy to reach everything from a first aid kit to a hiking GPS in a hurry.

      Hunters will appreciate helpful features such as a built-in meat shelf and quick-access gun scabbard, while hikers may want to opt for a model with a built-in hydration pack to stay hydrated on the trail. With all the options available, you can find the right fit for your favorite outdoor hobbies.

      Having the right system for carrying your gear can mean the difference between a successful excursion and an uncomfortable one. Ensure your next adventure goes off without a hitch by finding the perfect backpacking pack from Kmart.


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