Backpack Accessories

      When you're heading into the wild, it's important to be prepared. Ensure your readiness for your next big adventure with a selection of backpack accessories from Kmart. You'll find everything from heavy-duty thermoses and flasks to portable USB battery packs in this collection of helpful backpack accessories. If you'll be using your smartphone or GPS device frequently, you may need a lithium-ion battery for recharging on the trails when electricity isn't available. You'll even find solar chargers for powering your smart watch, GPS or flashlight in an emergency.

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      Equip your bag with backpack accessories

      Anyone who's been on a hiking or camping trip knows to expect the unexpected. That means carrying a number of backpack accessories to ensure your safety and comfort in the wild. In addition to emergency preparedness items such as fire starters and flashlights, it's a good idea to include backpack accessories such as containers for food or drink or a solar-powered device charger. A rugged stainless steel food jar and thermos keep meals and beverages hot or cold while you're on the trails, so you can stay energized for the adventures ahead.

      Whether you're hiking with a GPS device or a tablet for reading at night, chances are you'll need to recharge your batteries in the woods. You won't have to worry about losing power when you have a solar-powered charger or lithium battery charger from Kmart. These durable items are made from waterproof materials and are lightweight enough to toss into your day pack.

      With a proper collection of gear from Kmart, you'll be fully prepared for whatever happens on your next camping, hunting or fishing trip. Stock up on everything you need at affordable prices, and you'll still have plenty of cash leftover for gas to get out of the city.

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