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Rely On Upright Suitcases And Never Miss A Plane Again

If you're preparing for a trip, it's important to bring along luggage that doesn't complicate your traveling experience. A great place to start is with an upright suitcase. These suitcases on wheels move quickly and easily through airport concourses and hotel lobbies. You'll find an amazing collection of durable suitcases at Kmart. The biggest advantage of this type of luggage is the telescoping handle that lets you wheel around your suitcase without bending over. Make sure the handle is the perfect size and easily locks into place. If you're worried about your suitcase standing up to the rigors of baggage handlers, look for one made of polycarbonate, which also happens to be used to make Bullet-proof glass.

Duffel and tote bags are also smart luggage choices. Totes are generally smaller bags that you can easily carry on your shoulder and bring onto a plane as a carry-on bag. For something a little larger, look at the many different duffels at Kmart. These come with plenty of pockets and zippered compartments, so you can keep everything from magazines, snacks and a laptop within easy reach during a plane ride. Pick out a duffel that you can carry over your shoulder or look for one with wheels and telescoping arms.

An ideal traveling accessory to include on a business trip or vacation is a garment bag. Suits and dresses don't always travel well in traditional suitcases, often emerging with wrinkles that require a trip to the cleaners. Garment bags allow you to pack suits, pants and dresses without folding. You may want to choose a garment bag on wheels with fasteners to keep hangers in place. Zip the bag closed and your clothes will emerge unwrinkled.

Now that you have the bags and suitcases you need for your business meeting or vacation, there are plenty of travel accessories to consider for your trip. How about a small, zippered shoulder bag to protect your identification, keys, cash and valuables? Other possibilities include a tissue holder and toiletry kit. Since luggage tends to gain weight during a vacation, you may want to bring along a digital suitcase scale. That way, you can avoid airline fees for overweight luggage.

Traveling is not always a pleasant adventure. But with the proper collection of suitcases, duffels and garment bags, you can maneuver through airport concourses or cruise line terminals with the greatest of ease. Shop at Kmart to choose from an impressive selection of luggage and traveling accessories to make your next trip as simple and easy as possible.


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