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Incline Trainers

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Climb your way to great health with incline trainers from Kmart

If you think walking or jogging on a flat surface is a great workout, wait until you try an incline trainer. Climbing hills is a much more intense workout that will do a better job of strengthening your heart, lungs, legs and butt. Just a few minutes on an incline trainer and you'll start to feel the burn in your thighs, glutes, hamstrings and calves. These machines give you the ability to control the level of incline; by varying the steepness, you can target different muscle groups to get a more even workout. Getting in shape is tough, but with an incline trainer from Kmart you'll have just the tool to make it happen.


Different incline trainers provide different ranges of speed and incline. If you're just starting to get in shape, it might not matter how fast or steep the machine goes; you're liable to spend most of your time at the beginner settings anyway. If you're already in pretty good shape, however, look for an incline trainer that goes faster and has a steeper incline. This will make sure you can get the resistance you need to push yourself. If your initial workouts make you sore, take a look at some inversion tables and inversion accessories to help relax and let your muscles begin to repair themselves.


There's more to your incline trainer than just the difficulty, however. Cardio machines, like treadmills, exercise bikes and incline trainers, can come with a wide array of extra features to make your workout more enjoyable. Some come with a fan, to help keep you cool and comfortable while you sweat. Others feature a heart rate monitor to track the intensity of your workout. A top-end machine may even come with a small TV screen to give you something to watch as you whittle your waistline.


If your incline trainer doesn't come with a TV screen, you might be able to find an incline trainer accessory that is compatible with your model. Watching TV while you work out will make the time go by quickly, and might make you more likely to work out more often. Another accessory to consider is a mat to go underneath your machine. All heavy cardio machines, from incline trainers to elliptical trainers, have the potential to make a lot of noise and scratch your wood floors. Some gym flooring underneath them will solve both problems.


Incline trainers give you a leg-building, fat-blasting workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home: no driving to the gym, no waiting in lines and no braving the wind and snow. With an incline trainer, all you have to do is throw on some comfortable clothes, walk downstairs and push the power button. With the fitness equipment here at Kmart, getting in shape is easier than ever.