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Strength & Weight Training

Tone your body with weight training equipment from Kmart

If you want to build strength from head to toe or just looking to tone your arms, you'll find all the latest weight training equipment you need at Kmart. Working with weights perfectly complements any types of cardio exercise, so pairing weight training equipment with an elliptical or treadmill is ideal. Whether you're looking for medicine balls, kettlebells or vibration machines, there is a wide variety of gear you can add to any home gym. 

Resistance training is the best way to tone muscles and become stronger. Choose from a large selection of ab and core training sets, or select pull-up and push-up bars for an extra intense workout. Kettlebells and dumbbells not only help you achieve a leaner physique, but they also can be used to accompany other cardio routines. No matter what you need, there is strength training equipment that best suits your requirements.

If you love lifting the old fashion way, you'll find weight plates or complete sets. Weight benches are available in leveled and adjustable models do you can comfortably lift everything from smaller barbells to large weight bars with ease. Whether you're targeting your arms, legs and everything in between, Kmart carries new weight training equipment and fitness accessories for your home gym.