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      Strength & Weight Training

      Save up to 25% on strength & weight equipment!

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      Build strong and toned muscles with weight training equipment from Kmart

      Weight training builds lean muscle mass, helps increase your metabolism, and gives you functional strength for everyday tasks. Toning your muscles is good for your bones, your mood, and your health. Get the equipment you need to meet your fitness goals at Kmart with our selection of free weights, home gym equipment, kettlebells and more.

      If you want to get started using free weights, you'll need a bar and some weight plates. By changing the plates you can customize the amount of weight, so you can slowly build up your strength and continue to challenge yourself. Barbells are versatile pieces of weight training equipment to have in your home gym.  You can perform squats, bench presses and deadlifts  to work out major muscle groups. Dumbbells, are smaller, handheld weights. If you don't have much space at home for fitness gear, dumbbells let you work on your arms, chest, and more without taking up as much room as a bar and weights. Be sure to pick up fitness accessories that promote flexibility so you can stretch after weightlifting and prevent injury.

      A weight station or home gym is an excellent way to get a full-body workout from just one piece of equipment. Many of these compact training stations include the gear you need to do everything from leg extensions to lat pulldowns or bench presses in one place. All you'll need is the right active wear and hydration equipment to train safely. If you want to target a certain area, browse specialized emachines for specific exercises, like a seated row machine.

      Integrate weight training with the rest of your workout routine to see enhanced results. Kettlebells let you get a cardio workout while you challenge yourself with heavy weights.. Some accessories, like medicine balls and ankle weights, help to add resistance to other kinds of exercises. When you're ready to cool down, inversion accessories help you unwind after a hard workout.

      Don't wait to start sculpting a healthier and more toned body. When you work out with strength training equipment, you'll help build strong bones and improve your energy level. Pick up all the weight training equipment you need here at Kmart, from free weights to machines and accessories