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Strength & Weight Training

Save up to 25% on strength & weight equipment!

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Challenge your body with quality weight lifting equipment from Kmart

If you want to strengthen and tone your body, skip the gym and start working out with new weight lifting equipment at home. Set new personal records on the fitness tracker while activating muscles on strength training equipment from Kmart. Whether working on your bench press with a brand-new weight set or engaging the core with a medicine ball, these durable pieces can help you create challenging and fun workouts.

Smaller households will get a lot of use out of weight training equipment that features a variety of uses. Tackle any muscle group with dumbbells or kettlebells. Try a vinyl-coated kettlebell to enhance your grip during sweaty workouts or pick up adjustable dumbbells for space-saving versatility. Add a pull up bar to the door frame to work on upper body strength without cluttering the floors. The slim, yet sturdy design is easy to install and remove in just minutes.

Fitness buffs may prefer larger pieces of strength training equipment to complete a home gym. Set up a padded weight bench on gym flooring to pump iron in the privacy of your own home. Organize a set of plates on the weight rack to keep the space tidy. A power tower is a great addition to your strength station. Perform sets of pull-ups, dips or leg raises from this heavy-duty machine. No matter which routines you do, develop strength and tone with the latest weight lifting equipment from Kmart.