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Fitness Accessories

Boost your training schedule with the right fitness accessories

Getting fit not only entails a certain level of effort and time, but it also requires the right equipment. Whether you're looking for gym flooring or step platforms, Kmart has a large selection of fitness accessories you need for an efficient and productive workout. From resistance straps and mats to women's and men's activewear, you'll find all the essential exercise accessories to get you started. 

Choose from a wide variety of gym accessories to upgrade any home workout space. Pick out a stylish water bottle to stay hydrated, or make floor exercises comfortable with rollers, gym tiles and floor mats. On days when you head out to the gym or park, make sure to have a sporty duffle bag that holds all your specialty fitness accessories comfortably when on the go. 

If you're looking to build a little strength or muscular endurance, tubes, resistance bands and dumbbells can help increase the intensity of any workout routine. Do you like to compete in organized events like decathlons? Kmart even carries hurdle sets to increase your agility and speed before the big race. No matter what fitness goals you want to achieve, there are many fitness accessories and equipment available to reach any target.