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Exercise Cycles & Accessories

Enjoy a great workout with an exercise bike from Kmart

Get a sweat-inducing, fat-blasting workout with an exercise bike. These machines come in several styles, including upright, recumbent and indoor bikes. Exercise cycles give you a great cardio workout that helps strengthen your heart and lungs while whittling down your waistline.

Upright exercise bikes are designed much like a real bicycle that you might ride outside, with the seat located over the pedals. They don't take up much room, so they're ideal for a smaller space or saving room for a weight bench, fitness trampoline or other home gym equipment. Since these cycles have the same design as a real bike, they're great for cyclists who want to practice even when their schedules or the weather don't allow an outdoor ride. You can also stand up on the pedals with a high resistance to simulate biking up a challenging hill. 

While you can't do everything a you can on a typical mountain bike with a recumbent exercise bike, these exercise cycles have their own unique advantages. Instead of sitting upright or leaning forward, you lean back in a recumbent bike, with your back supported by a seat that includes a backrest. This is ideal for people who have recurring back problems or other issues and want to work out without risk of further injury. As you sit in a more supported position and ride, you might want to supplement your workout with free weights or weight racks for a full body workout.

If you don't have the space  for a full exercise cycle, consider picking up some basic training aids instead. A mini cycle consists of only a set of pedals with resistance options, and is easy to store. You can sit and place it on the floor while you watch TV and get in your workout without needing to make space for an elliptical machine. You can even put a mini cycle on a raised surface and move the pedals with your arms for an upper-body workout.

Enjoy the fun of cycling with an exercise bike that lets you work out any time at home. Shop the wide selection at Kmart for the option that is right for you.