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Fitness & Exercise

Fitness Equipment Deals Limited Time & Availability

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Find an extensive selection of quality fitness equipment at Kmart

Whether you���re interested in getting in shape or maintaining your current level of fitness, Kmart can help. Save money on an expensive gym membership and choose from a comprehensive collection of fitness equipment, including cardio, mixed martial arts, yoga and weight training, that can help you reach your fitness goals.

It���s no secret that cardio training has many benefits. It can promote endurance and can help build muscle mass, among other advantages. Outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and hiking are great exercise options, but if you have cardio equipment in your home you don���t have to worry about the weather outside. Whether you prefer an elliptical machine, stationary bike or a treadmill, you can find the equipment you need to have a great workout in any season.

If you���re interested in building your muscles, you can choose from many strength and weight training options. Weight benches can provide you with a solid foundation for your strength training and are available individually or with a variety of weight sets. You���ll be able to ward off boredom and keep your strength training days fresh by incorporating free weights, medicine balls and kettlebells into your weekly routine. After all of your hard work, soothing your sore muscles in your hot tub and by stretching on your yoga mat can do wonders.

Whether you���re a novice or a fitness guru, you���ll find fitness equipment at Kmart to help provide you with challenging and effective exercise options all year round.