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Complete your home gym with sports accessories from Kmart

There's no more convenient way to exercise than with a home gym. There's no driving, no waiting in traffic, no changing in a crowded locker room and no waiting in line for your favorite piece of equipment. Instead, you get to change in your own room and work out in the comfort and privacy of your own basement, garage or living room. You get to play your own music, and there are no monthly fees or contracts. Your home gym needs more than weights and cardio machines, though; you need a variety of fitness accessories in order to make the most of your workouts.

Health monitors and pedometers are some of the most useful fitness accessories. These devices are usually worn around your wrist or clipped to your belt, and will keep track of different variables related to your health. Heart rate monitors are versatile tools that make great treadmill, elliptical or exercise cycle accessories, because they'll let you know if your heart rate is in the recommended zone of 50-85% of your max heart rate. Pedometers will track the number of steps you walk each day to keep track of your general activity level. Finally, some health monitors will monitor your sleep, letting you know how many times you wake up at night.

When creating a home gym, you want to protect both your equipment and your home. For instance, it's important to put gym flooring underneath free weights and cardio machines. These padded mats will prevent scratches on the floors, while minimizing the amount of dust that gets into the gears of your cardio machines. They also provide a comfortable surface for stretching and performing body weight exercises like push-ups, crunches and even Pilates.

If you use any kind of strength-training equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells, make sure you have the equipment to make the most of your lifting sessions. One useful piece of weightlifting equipment is a pair of lifting gloves. These can help spare the skin of your palms from the blisters that can accompany heavy lifting. If you find your grip strength is limiting the amount of weight you can do in lifts such as dead lift, consider a set of lifting straps. They help make it easier to grip the bar so you can add more weight to challenge your bigger muscle groups.

If your home gym already has the weights and cardio equipment you need to work out, then you're almost done. Just a few vital fitness accessories and you'll have everything you need to burn fat, build muscle and get in great shape. Shop for sports accessories at Kmart, where we offer a wide selection at attractive prices.


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