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Carry your outdoor essentials in a day pack

Everyone knows the feeling of waking up with an aching back and shoulders from carrying a heavy load. Do your upper body a favor and distribute weight evenly when you're taking a hike or other trip. Find a place for all your essentials, including flashlights and first aid kits, among the many compartments. You can even affix certain backpack accessories to the outside of your pack using mesh pockets or bungee cord.

Basic book bags are fine for short trips between classes, but if you're going to be carrying your backpack for hours, you want more support from the frame. Look for a daypack with a breathable back panel to allow sweat to escape from your back and shirt. Thick waist straps and chest straps help to distribute weight throughout your torso so that you're not carrying the entire load with your shoulders. If you need to stay hydrated during a hike or trail run, look for a hiking pack that includes a pocket for a bladder or hydration pack.

Carry a high-quality day pack from Kmart, and you'll be able fully enjoy your excursion with the help of useful pockets and an ergonomic design.


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