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Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts

Martial Arts Equipment from Kmart Improves Your Form and Coordination

Find martial art equipment from boxing gloves to jump ropes, all of which help you improve your speed, form and coordination in and out of the ring. Kmart provides a collection of quality UFC, Hayabusa and Everlast products whether you're training for a match or implementing a new workout routine. Choose from UFC weighted vests to build overall body strength while you train, and invest in Century open palm fingerless MMA gloves with their sturdy clinch straps and cushioned grip bars.

Strength and weight training is essential to building muscle, and Weider or Body Champ weight benches provide the weights you need to get in shape quickly. For a total body workout, the Weider 2980X weight system offers up to 214 pounds of resistance with its high and low pulleys, chest press and leg developer. Using free weights creates even more resistance, which builds muscle more quickly than using a home gym. Find individual Ironman adjustable dumbbells and Sunny Health & Fitness dumbbell sets for curling and bench pressing.

Regardless of whether you're training or playing a game of basketball with friends, find comfortable men's activewear that fits. Browse athletic tops, pants and shorts from Athletech, Everlast and Protege, such as the Protege men's basketball shorts ranging in size from small to extra, extra large. Choose from fleece, knit and woven activewear, such as the Athletech men's performance hooded jacket and Top-Flite golf shorts. Sweat and burn even more calories as you train when you wear Everlast fleece sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Get the energy you need for a morning walk or afternoon workout with energy bars from Sunbelt Snacks, Quaker and Kellogg's. After an intense workout, help repair and build muscles with the added protein from Kellogg's Special K protein meal bars. Snack on South Beach Living granola clusters between meals and after workouts. These snacks contain 10 grams of protein for muscles, and the fiber keeps your body regulated from any extra protein in your diet. Before you think about skipping breakfast, grab Kashi TLC cereal bars made with all-natural ingredients. In addition, these bars are free of refined sugars and sweetened with natural wildflower honey.

Train harder with martial art equipment and home gyms. Shop Kmart for more affordable strength and weight training equipment, activewear and energy bars online or at the store.