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Get a great workout with the exercise cycles from Kmart

Get a sweat-inducing, body fat-blasting workout with an exercise bike. These machines come in several styles, including upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor bikes. You can also find training aids and cycle accessories like bike mats on this page to complete your home gym. Here at Kmart you can find bikes from trusted brands like Stamina, ProForm and Schwinn to make it easier than ever to strengthen your heart and lungs while whittling down your waistline. First, though, you have to decide which style of exercise cycle is best for you.

Upright bikes are designed much like a real bicycle that you might ride outside, with the seat located over the pedals. This makes an upright cycle a great choice if you're a cyclist looking to recreate the feeling of your road bike. These cycles also take up little space, making them appropriate if you want to free up space for a weight bench, fitness trampoline or elliptical. Finally, keep in mind that an upright bike also lets you stand up on the pedals to simulate biking up a hill, which is something you can't do on a recumbent cycle.

Recumbent cycles have their advantages too, though. For one thing, many people fine recumbent bikes more comfortable. Instead of sitting in an upright position that forces you to lean forward, you can lean back in a recumbent bike. Your back is liable to be better supported. A recumbent bike also gives you a better workout for the gluteal muscles of your butt. Of course, if you really want to build up some extra muscle mass you should look into getting some free weights and weight racks; but a recumbent cycle will still do a decent job of toning your lower body.

If you don't have the space or money for an exercise cycle, consider some of the training aids on this page instead. You can find a mini cycle, which gives you just the pedals. This small device is inexpensive and easy to store. To use it, just place it on the floor in front of a chair. It's a convenient option if you want to stay active while watching TV, and takes up far less room than bikes and elliptical machines. You can even put a mini cycle on top of a table and move the pedals with your arms for an upper-body workout.

Real cycling is great fun and exercise. The downsides are that the weather has to cooperate and you always run the risk of injury. An exercise cycle will give you the exact same workout in the comfort and safety of home. Shop our selection today at Kmart, where we give you a wide variety of models and brands at low prices.


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