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The Choice Between Xbox One and PS4

Making the Choice Between Xbox One and PS4

This holiday season, you’ll be able to shop for two new gaming consoles that will take your experience to a new level at Kmart. Microsoft has announced it will release the new Xbox One and Sony has announced it will release PlayStation 4 this November. With more sophisticated technology that will take gaming to a new extreme, both consoles will also feature a variety of online options, including streaming music, TV shows and movies. While each console has something a little bit different to offer, both are significant upgrades from each company’s previous console. 

The basic capabilities and hardware for each console is similar, featuring the same size hard drive, the same amount of memory and cloud storage. The PS4 features a removable hard drive, while the Xbox One’s hard drive is built into the console. The controllers both feature new technology, but the PS4 Dual Shock has built-in tracking, a built-in speaker and a multi-touch touchpad. The Xbox One, however, is similar to the Xbox 360 controller, but it’s sleeker, smaller and offers more grip for easier game play. The Xbox One controller also has impulse triggers, a new feature that offers a kickback on the trigger separate from the controller's own rumble pack.


Motion control

Both Microsoft and Sony make sophisticated video and motion control devices for their consoles. However, Sony’s PS4 Eye is sold separately, and the Xbox Kinect 2.0 comes built into the new Xbox One. In-motion game play is more accurate in both devices because of the sophisticated cameras and video sensors featured in each. The Kinect 2.0 is faster than the previous Kinect and can track up to six people at once. The sensor has a higher resolution camera than the previous Kinect, as well as a larger field of view. The PS4 Eye’s wide-angle lenses and dual cameras enable the eye to cut out the image of a player in the background or better sense a player’s position because of its advanced depth recognition.


One major difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 is their relationships with other types of media. The Xbox One is a media center that allows you to take over a cable signal without having to switch inputs. The PS4, however, doesn’t have the HDMI in and out ports that allow Xbox users to have this option. Users will still need to use the “input” button on their remote when they use the PS4. The Xbox One also allows you to store music and videos as if it were a computer, and can be controlled with voice commands. The PS4, unlike the Xbox One, will have BlueTooth.


Whether or not a console has certain online features largely depends on whether the user pays for a subscription to each company's online digital media services, Xbox Live and Play Station Plus. While both allow you to interact with other users online, both allow you access to certain social media and multimedia apps. Having a subscription to Xbox Live will give you access to Hulu Plus, Netflix, the NFL Application, Skype and a Web browser. The PS4 will give you access to Hulu Plus, game DVR and Netflix without a subscription, but it doesn’t offer some of the other media app options the Xbox One does. Both consoles also play Blu-rays and DVDs.


Whether you're an Xbox aficionado or live for PlayStation, Kmart has everything you need to upgrade your gaming experience.