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Leasing at Kmart

Must be at least 18 years old. Income requirements apply.

Why lease at kmart?

    •    No reference checks

    •    No credit required

    •    Instant decisions

    •    Flexible payments — weekly, monthly or twice-monthly

    •    Apply online — it’s easy

    •    No application fee



How it works



Leasing - Shop Now

Shop in-store or online

and select the items you'd like
to lease at today's prices.

Leasing - Apply

Complete the online application and get
an instant decision. Bring your approval
code to your local Kmart store or finish
the lease online.

Leasing - Take it home

After making your first lease payment in
the store or online, take your item(s)
home or have them delivered.



After the 5-month term is met, you can...



Leasing - Purchase

your leased items. Stop making lease
payments and own it. Less any lease
payments already made.

Leasing - Continue Leasing

Make the same payments you have been
making, per your lease agreement and
keep using the product.

Leasing - Return It

the leased item(s) to WhyNotLeaseIt® with
no further obligation** to make payments.

Call WhyNotLeaseIt at 855-965-4669
to make arrangements.

**Normal wear and tear accepted.



Or, buy it early

No need to wait 5 months. You can buy your item after 30, 60 or 90 days. The sooner you buy it, the lower your additional cost.

You can own your items sooner with our Early Purchase Options *
Example based on $500 leased item

Buy it Early


Know the price of your item?

Calculate Your Payments

*This is a lease transaction. Qualifying merchandise of at least $199 is required to enter into a lease at Kmart. Excludes non-durable goods, footwear and apparel items. Must be at least 18 years old. Income requirements apply. Minimum 5-month lease agreement. Lease requires consumer to make 20 weekly lease payments, 10 biweekly lease payments or 5 monthly lease payments. At the end of the minimum term, leasing customer can: (1) continue to lease by making payments in the same amount and on the same payment schedule; (2) exercise a purchase option per the terms of the lease agreement (not available in  NJ, VT, WI & WV); or (3) return leased items to WhyNotLeaseIt®. Online lease applications can be approved online but lease must be completed and products picked up in store. Pay 5%, 8% or 10% over cash price minus any additional money down, if applicable.  No security deposit required.  TEMPOE, LLC dba WhyNotLeaseIt® is an independent service provider [of the LEASE IT program] and not an affiliate or licensee of Sears®, Kmart®, Shop Your Way® or any other Sears Holdings Corporation or affiliate.  



What do I need?


    •    Must be at least 18 years old

    •    Minimum monthly income

    •    Valid Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number

    •    Make the first payment and set up ongoing payments

    •    Valid email address

    •    Valid checking account or credit/debit card

Are you ready to lease it?

apply online   or   find a store


Participating departments


Home electronics and entertainment, appliances, household goods and furniture, sporting goods, lawn & garden, and outdoor living.

Some exclusions apply. Mattresses may not be taken home same day. Total ticket price must be greater than $199. Some items may require delivery.



Frequently asked questions


Who is Kmart's leasing partner?

Leasing transactions at Kmart go through the company WhyNotLeaseIt®. They’re an independent service provider. Transactions with WhyNotLeaseIt® are secure, confidential and compliant with all federal consumer leasing laws.

What is the minimum leasing term?

The standard term is 5 months. There’s also the option to buy your items early—as soon as 30 days after the beginning of the lease.

What is the Early Purchase option?

Early Purchase gives you the option to buy your leased items without having to wait until the end of the 5-month lease term. You can buy your leased items as soon as 30, 60 or 90 days from the beginning of the lease. Doing so will also save you money in the long run (compared to buying the item after 5 months. See the table above or the leasing calculator).

What if I don’t want to buy it early?

If you decide not to buy your leased items within the 90-day Early Purchase option, you’ll simply continue to lease as usual for the full 5-month leasing term. Then, you’ll have the option to buy, continue to lease or return the items to WhyNotLeaseIt®.

Who should I contact with questions about my lease?

You can contact WhyNotLeaseIt® with all questions about your lease. Their customer service department is available 7 days a week. They can be reached by phone at 1-855-965-4669 and by email at You can also access information about your lease online at the customer service center.

How do I make my payment at Kmart?

No; payments are made to WhyNotLeaseIt®. Your payments will be auto-deducted from the account that you listed as preferred on your application. Payments will process on the dates listed on your lease payment schedule.

How do I buy out my lease?

You can purchase your leased items from WhyNotLeaseIt®. Once the purchase is complete, WhyNotLeaseIt® will send you proof of ownership.

How much does it cost to buy out my lease early?

It depends on how soon you buy it. Buying after 30 days will add 5% of the lease value to the final cost; buying at 60 days adds 8%; buying at 90 days adds 10%.

For example, if you buy a $1,000 item after leasing it for 90 days, you’ll pay a total of $1,100 for the item. ($1,000 plus 10%).  

How do I return an item I’m leasing?

If your 5-month term has ended and you don’t want to buy the item or lease it again, you can return the item to WhyNotLeaseIt®. They can be reached by phone at 1-855-965-4669 and by email at

Apply online and lease merchandise from Kmart.

Most people live on a tight budget, which means money isn't always available at their fingertips.  Kmart has revolutionized the “rent-to-own” idea with a new leasing program. The program allows you to lease almost everything including consumer electronics, large appliances, furniture and basic accessories. Kmart also offers members owning options that are simple, easy and affordable. With the Early Purchase Option, members have the opportunity to purchase leased items within 30, 60 or 90 days from the origination of the lease agreement; earlier than the traditional 5 month Kmart leasing program to reduce the overall cost of owning your leased items. Simply apply online, get approved, and then take your approval code into your local Kmart store to select items you're interested in leasing. A friendly Kmart associate will then help you shop your way by compiling an inventory of everything you need.

Applying online for a lease is easy, and you'll gain immediate access to a full range of merchandise upon approval. Unlike credit programs, getting approved for Kmart’s leasing program is fast and easy; you don't need to stress about your low credit score because credit isn't required for approval. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old with a valid Social Security or Individual Taxpayer ID Number and meet the minimum monthly income. With leasing, all you need to do is make your first payment in-store, and you can take your items home with you the very same day. Get approved in seconds and enjoy conveniently low payments and a flexible payment plan.

Shop smarter by taking advantage of Kmart’s new leasing program, and get rewarded for the merchandise you lease with Shop Your Way points.