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      Campus Essentials



      Find dorm room essentials and school supplies at Kmart

      Once summer starts to wind down, it's time to get ready for another school year. Finding new supplies and dorm essentials can be difficult and expensive. Fortunately, Kmart has all kinds of affordable appliances, desks and electronics to get you through another year of dorm life. You'll also find plenty of notebooks, backpacks and other school supplies so you're prepared for all your classes.


      One of the biggest tasks college students face is cramming all their things into a very small living space. Some of your belongings from home just won't make the cut. Kmart has plenty of dorm essentials, including mini fridges, microwaves and coffee makers to fit your space. You'll also want the right bedding to fit your dorm mattress, or a desk and bookshelf so you stay organized. We have a wide variety of small desks and lights to help you through rough papers and all-nighters throughout each semester.


      The right school supplies will see you through your daily classes and those late-night study sessions alike. Find everything from basics like pens and notebooks to electronics like tablets and laptops that help you stay on top of every assignment. Kmart carries Dell, HP and ASUS brand laptops to help you take detailed notes in class or write those long essays. Be sure you also pick up all the clothes you'll need for the school year, whether you're looking for comfortable shoes to walk around campus in style or relaxed wear for lounging in your dorm.