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      Dog Collars Keep Your Dog Safe and on the Leash

      With adjustable dog collars, you can find the perfect fit for your small and large breed dogs. Kmart offers a selection of dog collars from Majestic Pet, Anima and Champion Breed. In addition, Pet Life, Beast and Flexi collars are available in sizes extra small to extra large. Shop collars in solid and multicolor varieties, such as the Anima small sparkle harness with leash. Attach your pet's information to the collar in case your dog wanders from your home and gets lost.

      Dress your pet in bright and colorful dog apparel from Pet Life, Anima and Simply Dog. Choose from fun Halloween costumes and life vests, and select from holiday, summer, winter and year-round apparel. Find boots, dresses, pajamas and hoodies, such as the Pet Life vintage ski jacket with removable hood. Keep your pet warm in the winter with an Anima International hoodie or sailing jacket.

      Deter your pet from chewing and clawing at the household furniture with Grannick's and Hartz dog behavior control products. Spray Grannick's bitter apple mist onto furniture and other objects to deter your dog from biting table legs or chewing slippers. Hartz anti-chew spray offers maximum protection from stubborn dogs that claw the carpet or scratch at doors when you're away from home. Furthermore, mist products offer a humane behavioral control alternative to whistles, chokers and muzzles.

      For pups that wet the carpet, choose from this inventory of dog housetraining and incontinence products. Choose from clean-up supplies, panties, diapers and training pads from Bramton Company, Hartz and Arm & Hammer. Champion Breed, Out! and Bio Bag products are also available that help housetrain your dog. Select Arm & Hammer ultra-absorbent pads for younger pups, and choose Bramton Company diaper garments for older dogs or female dogs in heat. From Little Stinker housebreaking pads to Bio Bag waste bags, find the products you need to housetrain and clean up after your dog.

      Keep your dog firmly on the leash by investing in dog collars with adjustable straps and rings for holding ID tags. Browse Kmart online or at the store for even more affordable dog collars, cleaning supplies and apparel for your pet.

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