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-Disney Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain & Shower Hooks Bath Bundle
Disney Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain & Shower Hooks Bath Bundle
Disney Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain & Shower Hooks Bath Bundle will help you create an incredible bathroom for your little ones.

- 1 Shower Curtain
- 1 Shower Hooks

Option to Add:
- Bath Accessories
- Towels

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 Shower Curtains
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Disney Shower Curtain Mickey Tuxedo
  • Disney Shower Curtain Mickey Tuxedo
  • | Kmart Item# 048W002728383000 | Model#
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  • Shower Curtain Mickey Tuxedo

    Bring Disney Into Your Bathroom with a Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain Shower time just got more fun with theMickey Tuxedo shower curtain from Disney. The Mickey Tuxedo ensemble of bathroom products feature Disney's ever-lovable Mickey Mouse against a retro styling in tuxedo colors of black and white, with red accents. This polyester shower curtain has a large print of Mickey Mouse walking against a largely black background with white pinstripes. Red, blue and white Mickey shapes also dot this background for accents. ThisMickey Mouse shower curtain is a great way to revamp a bathroom for a new look, and the dramatic design will particularly make a statement against plain white tiles or a retro black and white bathroom. It's perfect for a child's bathroom but also sophisticated enough for an adult who loves Mickey. Pair this shower curtain with the other items in the collection, like the shower hooks, bath rug and wastebasket for a complete themed look.

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     Shower Curtain Hooks & Rings
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    Disney Shower Curtain Hooks Mickey Tuxedo
    • Disney Shower Curtain Hooks Mickey Tuxedo
    • | Kmart Item# 048W002728565000 | Model#
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    • Shower Curtain Hooks Mickey Tuxedo

      Add a Touch of Whimsy with the Mickey Mouse Shower Hooks Why settle for plain white rings to hang your shower curtain on when you can have theseMickey Tuxedo shower hooks? These fun, decorative shower hooks come from Disney's Mickey Tuxedo bath collection, which features black and white colors with a classic-styled Mickey Mouse. This pack of 12 shower hooks features a Mickey Mouse shaped pinstriped head in black, red and white for stylish alternation. These cheerfulMickey Mouse shower hooks, made of durable resin attached onto stainless steel hooks, will look striking paired with the Mickey Tuxedo shower curtain (available from Kmart) or with any plain curtain or design in matching colors. They are the perfect way to give your bathroom some interesting accents without overwhelming the space or clashing with existing decor. Your child will love these in his or her bathroom, but they also make a great gift for the adult who loves all things Mickey Mouse.

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      Optional: Bath Accessories & Collections
      Disney Lotion Pump Mickey Tuxedo Select
      Disney Toothbrush Holder Mickey Tuxedo Select
      Disney Waste Can Mickey Tuxedo Select
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      Optional: Towels
      Item Selected
      Disney Embroidered 5pc Wash Set Mickey Tuxedo
      • Disney Embroidered 5pc Wash Set Mickey Tuxedo
      • | Kmart Item# 048W002728718000 | Model#
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      • Embroidered 5pc Wash Set Mickey Tuxedo

        Mickey Mouse Embroidered Wash Set Gives Kids Plenty Of Fun Choices Turn bath time into a good time for your kids with this Mickey tuxedo embroidered wash set. They'll hardly wait to use these washing towels, featuring one of kids' favorite cartoon characters of all time. The towels come in Mickey Mouse's well-known color theme. There are five of them in all and your kids will have fun deciding if they want to use the red, black or grey. The fabric of the washing towels in the Mickey Mouse embroidered wash set is thick and rich. Each is beautifully embroidered as a wonderful finishing touch. The color combination is great for the bathroom and you can add matching items like a set of towels for instant redecoration. This set is a bargain with five fantastic pieces at one great price.

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