Women's Athletic Shoes

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      Stay active with comfortable women’s athletic shoes

      Whether you're a runner, a soccer star or a hiker, a pair of properly fitted women's athletic shoes is crucial to performing well. The right pair of shoes can make all the difference to your posture, gait and speed. Sore or confined feet don't allow you to perform at your best, so choosing a comfortable pair of women's wide athletic shoes can give you that boost you're looking for.

      At Kmart, we carry shoes for every athlete. Popular types of women's athletic shoes include basketball shoes, fashion sneakers, fitness and cross training shoes, hiking boots, and walking and running shoes. We also carry shoes in a multitude of colors such as beige, purple, blue, black, white, red, and gray. You can choose a pair of athletic shoes in your favorite color, or buy several pairs in numerous colors for a range of styles. For a fashionable athletic look, find shoes that match your activewear.

      We feel that all shapes are equally shapely, and every body deserves to stay in shape. If you normally find it a challenge to find a comfortable pair of women's athletic shoes, you'll appreciate our collection. Kmart carries a large selection of stylish women's wide athletic shoes, narrow athletic shoes, and shoes designed for tall women. As with our plus-sized women's clothing, our women's shoes are designed to fit your unique shape.

      When choosing a pair of women's athletic shoes, there are numerous factors to consider. It's important to pay attention to how much cushioning the shoe provides, how lightweight they are, the arch support, and the types of material the shoe features. Materials that are popular with Kmart shoppers include synthetic, mesh, and canvas, because they are light and breathable. You can also find many types of women's wide athletic shoes with a cushioned insole for extra comfort and treaded rubber outsole for superior traction. Choosing the right pair of shoes and fitness accessories can make a big difference in your activity level.

      Take the time today to find the perfect pair of shoes, whether they're petite, extra long, narrow or women's wide athletic shoes. Athletic shoes are both stylish and comfortable, and you'll easily find a pair that fits your feet and your budget. Whether you're out jogging, shooting hoops or hitting the gym, you'll notice the difference with a more comfortable pair of women's athletic shoes.

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