Boys' Uniform Shoes 5 - (Youth)

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      Keep him looking polished in boys' uniform shoes

      While you think your little man looks positively adorable in his school uniform, he's probably a little less than pleased at the prospect of dressing up every day. If your son's school doesn't allow him to wear boys' sneakers to class, help him pick out a pair of boys' uniform shoes that he can still feel comfortable in. Kmart's uniform shoes for boys feature cushiony soles that won't hurt his feet and are made from high-quality, long-lasting materials such as leather or canvas.

      If he's allowed to wear tennis shoes, find a classic pair of white or black oxfords that he can easily run and play in. More formal dress codes may require leather dress shoes, and you'll find them at Kmart in both lace-up and slip-on styles. Of course, he'll also need a pair of boys' casual shoes to wear during gym class or when he's riding his bike after school. Help him find a fun, colorful pair to change into after the school bell rings.

      Dressing for school doesn't have to be a struggle when you have comfy, durable clothing from Kmart. Take your son shopping for all the essentials on his back-to-school list, including boys' uniform shoes, before classes begin.

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