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Women's Workwear

Women's workwear will last as long as you will

Finding women's workwear that is both dependable and comfortable is easier said than done. No matter your field of business, get the clothing you need to keep up with your busy career. Whether you are working outdoors, at a desk or in a medical environment, Kmart has the clothing you want and need at prices you will love.

Many women make scrubs common work attire. Starting with the uniformity it provides employers and the comfort they bring employees, scrubs are an all-around favorite, especially in the medical field. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes for this popular item. With offerings from several brands, find the scrubs you like the best. What is even better is that you can stock up your closet with weeks' worth of scrubs without breaking the bank! And just in case it gets chilly in the office, pick up a warm up jacket that goes perfectly with any color scrubs. It can function as women's outerwear during the spring or fall and keep you cozy in a chilly cubicle.


When the job calls for a collared shirt, you won't have to look any further. Perfect for the office or at home, solid-colored shirts in either long or short sleeve styles can be used for almost anything. Whether you need the shirt in basic white or any color of the rainbow, We can help you find what you need. Consider a polo shirt, especially during warmer months. These are soft, durable and suitable on and off the clock. Polo shirts mix the structured look many employers crave while offering a relaxed style you'll feel comfortable in. Put either of these with women's stretch jeans on the weekends to create a pulled-together look.

Some offices allow for employees to wear jeans. If you or someone you know is in that situation, consider quality jeans such as those by Red Kap. Their jeans come with a prewash finish and in a relaxed fit, ideal for the woman on the go. On days when the cold weather has you bundling up in a petite coat, a pair of jeans will break the wind and keep you toasty. Some jobs call for work pants that are essentially uniform quality. Comfortable, flexible and durable, these pants are made to take the punishment an eight hour-plus workday can dish out. Should a more polished look be needed, consider twill slacks. Pleated and made with a relaxed fit, these are designed for comfort.

For jobs that are physical or jobs that keep you seated and all that falls in the middle Kmart has the work clothes that women need. Find comfortable and casual styles that will have you looking ready for a promotion. Get the look of a corporate climber while keeping your bank account grounded!