Big & Tall Coveralls

      Whether you're painting your house or working nine-to-five as a skilled mechanic, there are jobs that require full protection. Most coveralls help protect your body from your neck to ankles, but they can be hard to find when you're looking for larger sizes and lengths. Kmart has all sorts of big and tall coveralls made in many large sizes. Choose from lightweight designs for custodial work or big and tall insulated coveralls when dealing with hazardous materials. From coveralls to overalls, you'll find work attire to wear during almost any task at hand.

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      Protect your body with big and tall coveralls

      Certain jobs require your body to be fully protected. From painting to custodial work, coveralls come in handy for all kinds of projects. Kmart has a large selection of big and tall coveralls that fit larger body types. We carry high-quality coverall uniforms that are built to withstand most flammable materials and other hazardous substances. Each work suit helps shield you during your work while keeping you comfortable.

      Most big and tall coveralls provide you with similar protection as what you'd find in heavy-duty work outerwear. Some models are also heavily lined with insulated material to help withstand high temperatures, keep you warm in cold weather and cushion your knees when kneeling. Each coverall is typically equipped with pockets big enough to hold small tools and other handy materials you need on the job.

      If you're working on an elaborate project that require coveralls, consider other protective clothing to help keep you safe. For instance, when handling toxic material, make sure to purchase heavy-duty gloves, goggles or other workwear accessories. Looking to paint your house? Find a durable work hat to help prevent paint from dripping on your head.

      You deserve to feel protected when undertaking small tasks or major projects. When the job requires you to be covered up, Kmart has plenty of big and tall coveralls and aprons to help you work safely and comfortably.

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