Girls' School Uniform Skirts

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      School uniform skirts from Kmart make mornings easier

      When you're juggling work, homework and more activities than you can count on one hand, it can be tough to get your daughter out of the house in time for school each morning. If your school requires a uniform, it makes getting ready for the day a little easier, and with a wide variety of school uniform skirts available, Kmart can help even more.

      Whether you're looking for girls' school uniform skirts in solids or plaids, we have styles to fit your dress code. Your daughter will appreciate the versatility of our school uniform skirts, but she'll love how they look even more. Thoughtful decorative touches, such as buckles and grosgrain ribbon accents, add a bit of flair to the skirts and give your daughter a chance to show off her personal style. Your daughter can seamlessly pair her school uniform skirts with a variety of on-trend girls' uniform shirts to create a look she feels great about.

      If your daughter is active or simply prefers some extra coverage, she'll love our skorts. Hidden beneath the stylish skirts are cotton jersey shorts. The soft cotton will keep her feeling comfortable throughout the school day and because skorts provide full coverage, she'll feel more confident, too. She'll be able to put on her girls' sneakers, tackle the monkey bars or rock the four square tournament at recess without having to worry about anything showing under her skirt that shouldn't.

      While you may want to purchase multiple skirts for convenience this school year, our uniform skirts have the benefit of being machine washable. That means you can easily throw them in the washer with your daughter's girls' jeans and other regular laundry, and there's no need to make a trip to the dry cleaners. This will save you a lot of time and money. You'll be able to easily rotate your uniform skirts so there's always one clean, and because you can wash them in the comfort of your home, you can schedule laundry whenever it works best for you, day or night.

      With flattering designs and comfortable fits, girls' school uniform skirts are perfect for everyday wear and coordinate easily with shirts and accessories so getting ready for the day is a breeze. Shop Kmart for the latest in school uniform skirts and help start her mornings off right.

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