Girls' Bras & Camisoles on Clearance

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      Your daughter will love our girls' bras and camisoles at Kmart

      Slowly but surely, your little girl is growing up. You still have years together to enjoy her childhood; but in the meantime, make sure your daughter has all the bras and camisoles she needs for proper support while she develops. Whether she's at home, at school or at a friend's house, she always wants to feel properly supported and covered. Keep in mind your daughter may not know when she needs to start wearing a bra, so when the time comes it might be up to you to decide when it's right to get her one.

      A training bra is the perfect way to introduce your daughter to wearing a bra. Training bras are usually lightweight bras made with an elastic band and soft cups. This type of bra is made in a comfortable pullover style, so it's quick and easy to put one on underneath your little girl's character apparel, t-shirts or other tops. Most importantly, a training bra will prepare her for a standard-sized bra for when the time comes.

      A camisole is a thin, sleeveless garment that covers the top of the torso. Your little girl can wear a camisole over top of her bra, or she can wear it without a bra if she doesn't need one yet. These snug garments are comfortable and supportive. Camis are also great for layering; your daughter can throw them on underneath a sweater or collared shirt for an instant style upgrade. She can wear a cami with a pair of girls' tights on a laid-back Sunday for an outfit that's cool and comfortable.

      You can also find tank tops that are similar to camisoles. Tank tops give you more coverage than camis, making them great to wear on their own or underneath another shirt or jacket. These versatile garments are an essential piece of girls' clothing when the summer rolls around and the weather gets hot. Little girls love tanks because they help keep you cool and comfortable. Pick up a variety of different colors to match many different pants, shorts and dresses.

      Here at Kmart you'll find a wide variety of girls' bras and camisoles to keep your little girl feeling comfortable as she grows up. We offer different sizes, styles and colors to complement all her favorite outfits. Get your daughter the essential support she needs today.

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