Juniors Shorts & Capris

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      Get the perfect juniors' capris for warm weather fun

      If the weather looks unpredictable, put on a pair of juniors capris when you head out the door. These fashionable pants are great for both casual daytime errands and evening events like going to the movies or grabbing dinner. Simply add a cute necklace or stunning accessory to dress up your capris and blouse ensemble, and you're ready for a night out. Pair a cute tee and statement necklace with your capris and you've got a perfect outfit for heading to the mall with your girlfriends. If it's later in the day and it's getting a little chilly, it's easy to change into a pair of juniors' jeans while maintaining your cool look of the day.

      Lounge shorts are the perfect option both for relaxing on the couch and being active. Throw on a pair of lounge shorts or cotton capris for juniors to run to the bank or to a friend's house to hang on the weekends. While you wouldn't wear your comfy new shorts with your juniors outwear you could throw on a sweatshirt for a brisk evening jog or if the air conditioning is set a little too high.

      Jean capris are a great example of mixing fashion with function. Juniors' capris are a great way to wear jeans in the summer without looking too covered and staying warm during cool summer evenings. Wear juniors capri pants in the spring with a juniors jacket to stay warm in the brisk weather. Shop at Kmart to find a huge selection of flattering juniors capris and shorts for some warm weather fun.

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