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      Trixie Women’s Down Brim Style Hat With Bow
      Turn up the aura in this classic hat with textured finish and an elegant down-style brim that hints at mystery ...
      Trixie Women’s Down Brim Style Hat With Bow
      Turn up the aura in this classic hat with textured finish and an elegant down-style brim that hints at mystery partially revealing your face depending on your whims.  A dramatic large bow accent adorns the crown of this classy brim ...

      Stock up on handbag accessories for going out on the town

      Perhaps one of the most sacred and important accessories for women is the handbag. For generations, women have been carrying purses, pocketbooks and handbags. And for generations, those women have always wanted to carry stylish bags that match their style and personality. At Kmart, we carry hundreds of handbags and handbag accessories that are both practical and stylish. Choose from different sizes, colors, materials and brands. Whether you're looking for a nicer bag that will last you a long time, or a bag that you only wear occasionally with a particular outfit, shop at Kmart for all your handbag and handbag accessories.

      When you choose a handbag, you have to make sure you have all the appropriate accessories to go with it. Finding a wallet or change purse to keep your money in is key when you buy a new bag. Some people like to have a neutral-colored wallet that will match just about anything, and some like to match their wallet to their bag. At Kmart, we have tons of wallets in all different shapes and sizes. Our selection makes it easy for you to choose the perfect wallet. Whether you're looking for a cool character wallet for your daughter, or a fun wallet to match your new summer handbag, Kmart has the selection you need to choose a great wallet.

      At Kmart, we also have tons of other accessories that you can match your handbag with. Choose from fashion scarves, hats, jewelry and sunglasses that will enhance your style and look. It's not always necessary to have all your accessories match exactly all the time, but there's nothing more fun than stocking up on tons of accessories and then mixing and matching them to create a look to match your mood or personality. We have tons of fashion jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, hats, clutches and more. Simply spritz on a little women's perfume or fragrance to top off your perfectly unique style.

      Fellas, are you looking for a gift for the lady in your life, you don't have to go straight to the intimates section. You can find things to make her feel feminine and sultry without going the obvious route. A silk scarf is beautiful and sophisticated, giving her a boost of confidence. Stylish hats can make her feel like Audrey Hepburn, while large sunglasses complete the look. And the best part is, you don't have to find the one perfect piece, because every woman will love having tons of options for each.

      So when you're looking for accessories to go out on the town with, whether you're looking for a watch to match your handbag or a cell phone holder to accessorize with your clutch, shop at Kmart for all your girly and womanly needs. We have tons of handbags, as well as handbag accessories in all different shapes, colors and sizes that will fit your style.