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      "Capture the moment forever when you use one of the many camcorders available from Sears. With a Sony or Samsung camcorder, you can record live events to playback and view later. Use the LCD screen to view the action as you record, and save the video to the flash card. Afterward, you can burn the video to DVD to share with the entire family. Most camcorders record in full HD, which means that you get 1920x1080 pixel resolution. Take advantage of this amazing clarity by viewing your recording on an HDTV. Choose any of the affordable HDTVs from Sears to receive a sharper image and true-to-life color when watching your home movies. From Sony and Panasonic to Vizio and RCA, you have access to top name brands all in one place. Some handheld cameras use an internal hard drive to save the movies, and others use flash memory or mini DVDs. Rather than delete a video to make room for another recording, save your videos using Sony or Maxell blank DVDs. Choose from Maxell blank DVDs designed for the camcorder, or use a larger DVD to burn your video from the computer. Camcorders are small and fragile and should be cared for properly when not in use. When you travel, store your camcorder in a Sumac or Hi Pro camcorder bag. You can transport your camcorder with ease while storing the charger and other accessories within the pockets. A Tamrac bag features a weatherproof coating that protects your camcorder in case of rain. Use a camcorder to capture moments in your life such as a birthday party or a family vacation. Shop Sears to find affordable camcorders and other accessories that give you the power to record like a pro."
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