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Get cozy for a good night's sleep with bed sheets from Kmart

If you've been having trouble drifting off to sleep, poor quality sheets could be the culprit. Thin, scratchy sheets could leave you shivering or tossing and turning at night. If your sheets are old and worn down, or if they're just plain uncomfortable, take a look at the bed sheet sets at Kmart. We've got a selection of different sizes, fabrics and thread counts to suit even the pickiest sleepers. Plus you can select from different colors and designs to match your bedroom's decor.

Choose from the standard sizes like twin, full, queen and king, plus a few specialty sizes like twin extra-long. Most complete sets will come with a top sheet, a bottom sheet and two pillowcases. If you have more than two pillows on your bed, as many do, you'll probably want more pillowcases so your bedding will match. Double-check that pillowcases are available separately for any sheets you consider buying. The only time it might be acceptable for all your pillows not to match is if you use one type of pillowcase underneath the blankets and a different type on top.

Next, think of the different fabrics and thread counts available. Different fabrics have different feels. Some might be better for different climates, while some are simply a matter of personal preference. Cotton is, of course, a safe and classic choice. You can take your pick of thread counts ranging from 120- to 600-plus. Softer choices might include satin, microplush or jersey. If you live in a cold area consider flannel sheets. These sheets are often warm and, combined with a good down alternative comforters, can really help keep the chills at bay.

Fabric isn't everything, though. Your bedroom has a certain decor and a certain color scheme, and you wouldn't want your sheets to ruin it. That's why you can find such a wide range of color options and designs at Kmart. Perhaps you'd like a complementary color to match the rug, drapes or bed skirt. If wrinkles bother you, check out a wrinkle-free set, for a bed surface that always looks smooth.

Considering how much time you spend asleep, a set of high-quality sheets is well worth the investment. It's a good idea to get at least two sets, so you have something to use when one set is in the laundry. An extra set for guests might come in handy, too. For all your bedding needs, check out Kmart, where we carry a wide selection at everyday low prices.


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