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Good sleep is so important. It's what gives you that focused and alert state of mind that helps you feel your best. You've probably slept on an uncomfortable mattress set before. You toss and turn through the night, and when you wake up your back feels cramped and sore. That's no way to sleep, which is why you've made the right decision in browsing through our mattress collections here at Kmart. Whether you prefer firm or plush, you'll find a variety of comfortable mattress and supportive box springs to help you drift peacefully off to dreamland.

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Sleep well with mattress collections from Kmart

Stop counting sheep and start falling asleep more quickly and easily. A poor mattress may be to blame for any lack of sleep you're getting. You'll be amazed at the difference a good mattress set can have on your life; not just your nights but your days, too. Choose from different sizes, constructions and levels of firmness to find the perfect mattress for your preferences.

Mattresses range in size from twin to California king. Twins are often a good choice for children, and many college dorms furnish their rooms with twin XL mattresses. If you sleep with a partner, though, you should consider at least a full or preferably a queen size. This will help make sure both of you have the room you need to get comfortable without fighting for the bedspreads. King and California king mattresses can be luxurious, but make sure the new size will not only fit in your bedroom but also leave enough room for your other furniture.

Mattresses come in a variety of different core constructions. The classic construction is called innerspring. These mattress sets contain small springs inside, underneath several layers of padding, to provide the proper level of support. Ideally, they will have enough give to support your body evenly, but be firm enough to prevent sagging. There are even some adjustable beds that allow you to control the shape or firmness of your mattress. The other construction type is called memory foam. This dense foam material has the unique ability to conform to your body shape. This makes it feel like the mattress was made just for you. Finally, a combination mattress will make use of both constructions, putting a layer of memory foam on top of innerspring coils.

Firmness is another important decision to make when choosing a new mattress. Some people prefer a plush bed that feels soft and allows your body to sink in a little. For other, plush beds don't provide enough support and lead to back pain. A firm mattress is more rigid and won't have as much give. It's pretty much the exact opposite of an air mattresses. The firmness of your mattress is a matter of personal preference; none is inherently better than another.

Together, these three variables give you a wide range of options for your new mattress set. Because sleep is so important, it's worth your time to browse carefully through our mattress collections. For a great night's sleep at a reasonable price, shop through our wide selection at Kmart.


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