Cotton Loft Blankets & Throws

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Keep warm and toasty with cozy, stylish blankets from Kmart

You never know when you might feel an unexpected chill come on. Cold air can sneak in through the smallest spaces: through a crack in the wall, underneath a door or even through a poorly insulated window. You can keep the chills at bay by keeping your home stocked with warm, stylish blankets from Kmart. Choose from different fabrics, ranging from cotton to fleece, to find the blanket or throw that offers the right amount of insulation for your climate. Then filter your results based on color or pattern to make sure it matches the decor of whatever room you're putting it in. A little preparation will ensure that you pick out a blanket that suits your home and leaves you happy.

First of all, make sure you get the right size. Blankets can be as small as swaddling blankets or as large as bedspreads; it's up to you what is most comfortable. Some people like to drape a blanket over the back of a couch or chair for easy access. A smaller blanket is liable to be fine for a chair, but a larger blanket for couches is perfect in case two or more people want to share. After you know what size will work best, think about what fabric you want. Cotton and polyester blankets are common, but other fabrics have different feels to them. Fleece is known for being warm, while sateen can be super soft.

The color or pattern of your new blanket can have a big impact on your room decor. Try to find a blanket in a complementary color to your home's color scheme. Pay special attention if you will be using your blanket along with decorative pillows. If the pillows and blanket clash, it could ruin the appearance you're going for.

Kids' throws and blankets feature some of your children's favorite characters, from Super Mario to Minnie Mouse. Kids are notorious for not covering themselves up when it's cold, so make it as easy as possible for your kid to keep warm with a kids' blanket they love. Rather than forcing them to use a quilt set that they might think is boring, give them a cozy throw with a picture of Hello Kitty or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles instead.

The right throw blanket will keep your body feeling warm and your room looking chic. It doesn't matter if you're shopping for your living room or your bedroom, you'll find a wide selection of great blankets at Kmart. Shop our everyday low prices for a home that's warmer and more comfortable.


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