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Sleep more comfortably with an adjustable bed from Kmart

You might only spend eight hours a night in bed, but the amount and quality of your sleep has an impact on how you feel for the rest of the day. For some people, sleeping on a flat mattress just isn't comfortable. An adjustable bed might be just the thing to help you stop counting sheep and start sawing logs. Adjustable bed bases allow you to control how much you want to elevate your head and legs, so you can find the exact angle that feels just right.

An adjustable bed frame gives you the ability to elevate your head and legs. This can help make your bed more comfortable, especially if you like to sleep with your legs up. It also comes in handy in alleviating pressure points to reduce back, neck and joint pain. Adjustable beds come with a remote control, which is either wired or wireless, with which you control the elevation of the bed. Some remotes are even backlit, which allows you to change the settings in the dark; you don't even have to get out from underneath your winter bedding.

Some adjustable bed bases come with only the base, which means you still need to purchase a compatible mattress set to complete your bed. Make sure that the base and mattress match in size. Adjustable beds come in all the regular sizes, although larger sizes sometimes come with a split feature. This allows you to use different elevation settings on each side of the bed. This feature could be a necessity if you sleep with a partner, especially if the two of you have different sleeping position preferences. Keep in mind that a split platform may require two compatible mattresses, one for each side.

For the ultimate in bed luxury, you can also get an adjustable bed with a massage function. This relaxing vibration can help you relax before bed so you can slip easily into sleep beneath the bedspread. Some models include extras like automatic shutoff, allowing you to fall asleep during your massage without worrying about wasting electricity. Some adjustable bed models also include memory positions, so you can save your favorite positions and get back to them with the push of a button.

They're more expensive than regular mattresses and bed frames, but if sleep is important to you an adjustable bed could be well worth the investment. Some brands to check out include Simmons, Tempur-Pedic, Mantua and Sealy Posturepedic. Making a good purchase starts with having a good selection, which is why we stock a variety of adjustable beds at Kmart. Shop today to sleep more comfortably and soundly.


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