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      Get beautiful hair with these hair care products

      If your hair has been looking a little lackluster lately, don't despair. The right hair products can help put some shine and volume back into your locks. It doesn't matter if your hair is dry, limp or dull. The hair care experts at trusted brands like L'Oreal and Matrix have spent years developing products meant to rescue your mane. It's worth your time to consider how some of these products can help improve your hair, because having beautiful hair plays a big role in looking and feeling your best.

      It all starts with getting your hair clean. A good shampoo and conditioner is essential to washing away dirt and excess oil without leaving your hair overly dry. Brands like Pantene, Clairol and Suave offer some highly effective shampoos and conditioners. There are different formulas for different hair types, so pay attention if your hair is normal, oily or color-treated. Your best bet is to try out a few different versions to find your favorite, then stock up on shampoo and conditioner along with other essentials like toothpaste, soap and shaving supplies so you don't run out.

      Once your hair is clean, you'll need the right hair appliances to dry and shape it for the look you want. Hair dryers help to dry your hair quickly without causing the frizz that can come from towel-drying. Depending on your personal style, you then might need a curling iron or straight iron to make your hair behave the way you want it to. Conair and Revlon offer a good selection of hair appliances, so make the investment now and enjoy well-styled hair for years to come. Do a quick-and-easy style for a casual day at the beach, or straighten your hair and add some eyeliner and lipstick for a night on the town.

      When you're done with the dryers, curlers and straighteners, it's time to break out some styling products to give your hair the finishing touches it needs. Just as adding nail polish is the last step in nail care, using products like hairspray, mousse and hair gel is the last step in achieving flawless-looking hair. Look for styling options from Garnier, John Frieda and TRESemme for products that hold your hair in place while taming frizz and giving your hair a brilliant shine. If you're worried your hair is too short for the look you're going after, don't forget about hair extensions. They give you the long, flowing locks you're after without months and months of growing your hair out.

      Everyone wants beautiful hair. It isn't easy to achieve, but with the right hair care products you can turn a dull, limp mane into a full-bodied head of shiny hair. Here at Kmart you can find hair supplies from shampoo to hair irons and more, so you'll have everything you need to help your hair look its best.

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