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      Discover your perfect scent with women's fragrances

      Finding your perfect scent may come easily, or as is the case for many women, it is a case of trial and error. Try as you might, many fragrances leave you wanting more. And instead of walking up to a crowded and sometimes hazy counter in a department store, Kmart has a wide selection of fragrances that will please your senses. From the rich and robust to the airy and sweet, we have that perfect fragrance for you, all without pushy sales people promoting the highest-priced labels rather than helping you find what you really want.

      Sometimes finding the scent or scents that are right for you require little time at all. But for those who are so fortunate, Kmart has all of the brand name perfumes that are in demand without the stuffiness. Maybe you're looking for something from Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Giorgio Armani or any of the countless other designers whose creations inspire your style on a daily basis, their fragrances are within your reach. This includes new scents and as well as classic ones. You can even try out a trendy new gender-neutral fragrance.

      If you are in search of the right fragrance or maybe you are new to buying such products, take the time to know more about what is available. Many fragrances come in multiple sizes, including some that may last you the better part of a year. Also keep in mind, especially if you are a traveler, that any bottle more than three ounces in size will not be allowed with carry-on luggage. The measurement for air travel is not how much is in the bottle but the bottle's capacity. Additional consideration should be given to whether you want a gift set or not. These can be great to coordinate your scents or to split up into separate gifts. The gift set will include at least one bottle of the selected fragrance as well as any number of additional items, including lotions, travel-size fragrance bottles or related products. If you are a fan of one particular scent, be sure to seek out bath and body fragrances, laundry soap and other home scents that complement that fragrance. You don't want the ambient smells in your house to clash with your signature perfume.

      Consider your skin type when buying a fragrance. This will affect the smell slightly because of the amount of oil, or lack thereof. That's why it makes sense, when possible, to sample fragrances in person. There are several categories to fragrances and finding the one that meets your needs may be as simple as matching it with when you plan to use it. For instance, Oriental scents have a flair for passion and intrigue perfect for date night. Conversely, fruity tones are light and ideal for lunch with the girls. From citrus scents to clean floral fragrances, there are so many to choose from.

      The brands and scents you trust and want to wear day or night and for any occasion is here for you. Let Kmart help you find your favorite perfume for a steal or open up your options with tons of new perfumes at a fraction of the price.

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